Genesis 5: That's a Lot of Dads

Genesis 5: That's a Lot of Dads

The plan is simple.

  • Read through the book of Genesis, ONE CHAPTER A DAY.
  • Restate 5 things you learned (that you previously didn't know).
  • Ask 5 questions about the chapter that you'll ponder all week.
  • As the Holy Spirit gives you wisdom and insight, ACT ON IT.  

GENESIS 5:1-32

INSIGHT 1: By my math, Adam lived long enough to see Noah’s Father, Lamech.  Adam lived till 930 and had Seth at age 130 (add everyone’s age at the time of fatherhood from Seth to Methuselah).

INSIGHT 2: Seth represents a do-over (because everyone from Cain is pretty much screwed up). Unfortunately, by the time we get to Noah, the world has slipped back into a state of corruption.

INSIGHT 3: After Seth, everyone prior to Jared (v.18) had kids in their double-digit years, but Jared waits till 162 before fathering Jared.

INSIGHT 4: Why did Jared wait so long to father Enoch? Is that detail relevant to Enoch’s unique relationship with God so that God at some point raptured him? (v.24)

INSIGHT 5: When verse 21 says, “…and he was not, for God took him.”, this means Enoch never saw death. 

INSIGHT 6: Enoch is a game changer. Prior to him, everyone else has been described in terms of how long they lived before they died, Enoch, however, is introduced to us in terms of how long he “walked with God.” 


QUESTION 1: How long after the death of Abel did Adam and Eve have Seth?

QUESTION 2: What set Enoch apart? As in, why did things changed with him so that he was the only one who “Walked with God”?

QUESTION 3: Is Lamech considered a prophet (v.28) since his words at Noah’s birth came to fruition?

QUESTION 4: Like Enoch, what set Noah apart? How is it that he alone was “blameless” (6:9) in his generation?

QUESTION 5: As I ponder Enoch’s life, I can’t help but wonder, “How does one have such an intimate relationship with God that HE concludes, “You know what? You’re not going to see death. Come home now!”

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