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Luke 3:21-37 | Getting My Holy Spirit Baptism On!

Segun AiyegbusiComment

Jesus is already the Son of God, why did He need to go get baptized?

What’s the significance of Him going to get baptized along with, “all the people”?

What was John’s (the Baptist) hesitation in baptizing Jesus? What exactly does getting baptized accomplish?

Why and what do you think Jesus was praying about before, “heaven was opened” (v.21)

What unusual events accompanied Jesus’ baptism that doesn’t usually happen at baptisms?

What was the significance of the presence of the Holy Spirit and the voice of God the Father?

If asked to explain the Holy Trinity, how would you go about it?

Why did the Holy Spirit appear in bodily form like a dove, but three years later in Acts 2:3, He appears in, “tongues of flame”?

Was Jesus different after His baptism or the same? What did the descending of the Holy Spirit on Jesus imply? Explain.

Jesus had not even begun His official ministry, no teachings, no miracles, and no sacrificial death on the cross, yet God was, “...well pleased” with Him. How did Jesus gain such approval from the Father?

How do you and I gain approval with God today? (Romans 5:8)