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Luke 4:14-30 | An Unhappy Homecoming

Segun AiyegbusiComment

Write a catchy newspaper headline summarizing Luke 4:14-30 (e.g: “Preacher narrowly escapes Church mob” | “Local Teacher returns to town with Big Claims” etc)

Which relationships in your life prove to be the most difficult setting in which to share your faith? Why?

Jesus was wholeheartedly embraced in Galilee, but ultimately rejected in Nazareth, (His hometown), why do you think His townsfolk had a hard time accepting Him? (What do they know about Him/His family that might cause them to be skeptical?)

In your hometown/family/social circles, what are some symbols or signs that indicate you’ve, “made it”?

What do Luke 3:21-22; Luke 4:1; Luke 4:14; and Luke 4:18 all have in common? What do they tell us about Jesus’ ministry? What does it tell us about living the Christian life?

What is Jesus’ fivefold ministry according to verse 18-19? Can you think of some accounts in the gospels where Jesus fulfilled any of His fivefold mission listed in verse 18-19?

Consider these five areas of ministry Jesus claimed as His mission on earth, which one do you tend to give priority in your life? Which one do you neglect?

What point was Jesus trying to make in verse 24-27? Why did this story infuriate the people even more?

What is it that Jesus said that warranted such anger? How and why did they go from “amazement” at His teachings, (v.22) to wanting to throw Him off a cliff in verse 28-29?

How in the world was Jesus simply able to, “walk right through” a crowded mob trying to kill Him? What might these verses have to do with it? Luke 3:21-22; Luke 4:1; Luke 4:14; and Luke 4:18?

Christ was rejected by Him hometown folks, what areas of your life do you most desperately need some affirmation? 

EXTRARESOURCE: "Cliffhanger"