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Luke 4:31-44 | Jesus vs. an Evil Fever

Segun AiyegbusiComment

Who was your favorite teacher? (Junior/Senior High school or college) What does it mean in verse 32 when it says Jesus’ “....message had authority”? What was it about His teachings that “amazed” people?

What’s the scariest demon possession/ evil spirit movie you ever watched? What about it scared you?

What strikes you as most odd about the behavior of the evil spirit?

How is it that the demon(s) knows so much about the divinity of Jesus? (verse 34 and 41)

Why did Jesus order the demon(s) to, “Be quiet!” in verse 35 and 41? (Would it not have worked to Jesus’ advantage to have the demon(s) telling people He/Jesus was the Son of God?)

Is it possible for a follower of Jesus Christ to be possessed, (in-dwelt) by a demon? Can you think of any Biblical examples?

How do these encounters, (demon fleeing, fever leaving, crowds being freed, v.35, 40-41) relate to the words Jesus spoke in verse 18-19?

With authority and power, Jesus ordered the demon to leave and it immediately fled. In verse 39, Jesus spoke to a fever; HE. SPOKE. TO. A. FEVER. and it fled also. Have you ever experienced the moving power of Jesus’ authority in your life? How?

What (physical or spiritual) illness in your life do you need to believe Jesus has the authority to heal today?

At the end of the day, (daybreak- verse 42), Jesus took some time alone to get some R&R, why do you think He did this? (After all, He’s the Son of God).

How do you know when it’s time for you to take some intentional R&R to recharge spiritually? What are some creative ways you can take a meaningful spiritual R&R?

EXTRARESOURCE: "Can a Christian be Demon Possessed? Two Views"