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Luke 7:36-50 | Reckless Abandon in Worship

Segun AiyegbusiComment

What’s the most expensive item you posses? What would compel you to ever give it away for free?

Why is verse 36 an odd intro to this story? 

Do a quick profile on the, “sinful woman” in verse 37. Speculate on what some of her vices might be.  

Why did she choose an “alabaster jar of perfume?” Why not something else like money, jewelry, or food? 

What did it cost her to make the journey to the Pharisee’s house? What was the risk involved?

Why did she burst into tears before she even heard Jesus speak?

Explain her bizarre behavior in verse 38. Do you think this was weird? What do you think she was thinking? Why did she do what she did?

Why might this act have been costly for her?

TIMEOUT - Are you a hugger or hand-shaker?  Who is the most affectionate person you know? Do you look forward to their greetings or hide when they show up?

Why was this woman’s behavior so upsetting to the Pharisee?

What did Jesus want Simon/Pharisee to understand through this story? Do you think Simon got the point? 

What do you think Jesus saw in her that Simon did not? 

What have you found to be the hardest in dealing with your sin and failures?

The woman never requested to be forgiven, nor did she even confess any of her sins. So why is Jesus graciously extending her forgiveness for ALL her sins? 

What do you think this woman was hoping to receive when she left her house to come see Jesus? What did she receive before she left? 

How difficult is it for you to publicly and openly express your love for Jesus? What keeps you from being more “public” about it?

What is the most loving thing you can do for Jesus in the coming days/weeks?