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Luke 8:26-39 | That Guy is Possesed!

Segun AiyegbusiComment

What’s the best “redemption-story” you’ve ever heard, read, or watched on the big screen? (Redemption Story = a person is lost or hopeless, but someone sacrificially steps in to rescue them).

What were some telltale signs this man was demon possessed?

By running to Jesus and falling at His feet, what do you think the demons know about Jesus that the crowds can’t seem to comprehend? (Verse 28) / (Mark 5:6-8)

What does their humbled attitude toward (and) in response to Jesus tell you about Jesus? About demons? About dealing with demons?

How do you suppose a “Legion” (6000 soldiers/or a “great man”) of demons possessed this man?

What was the evil spirit referring to when it says in Mathew 8:29, “Have you come here to torture us before the appointed time?”  What is the appointed time?

Why did the demons “repeatedly” beg Jesus not to send them into the “Abyss”? What is the Abyss? 

Why did the demons beg, “Jesus again and again not to send them out of the area?” (Mark 5:10)

When, if ever, have you wanted Jesus to, “just leave you alone?”

Why do you think the demons opted to be sent into the pigs? Why did they drown/kill the pigs?

What are some telltale signs that this man was completely delivered from the demons and now free?

What was the attitude of the townsfolk when they saw the demon-possessed man “sitting at Jesus feet, dressed, and in his right mind?” What do you think they were thinking?

Why did the demon-possessed man beg to go with Jesus? 

Jesus usually does the opposite, but in this case, why did Jesus send him home instead of allowing him to come with them?

What is the most dramatic transformation you’ve seen Jesus work in your life? Or someone else’s life? 

If you could be “free” of one thing in your life now, what would it be?