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Luke 8:40-56 | A Dead Girl, a Desperate Dad, and a Bleeding Woman

Segun AiyegbusiComment

What’s the most daring/audacious thing you’ve ever done to get something you really wanted? (Job, relationship, “toy”, money, etc)

Of all the people in the “crowd” pushing to see Jesus, only Jarius and the sick woman get through? How’d they manage this?

What can you deduce from this account about Jarius’ character/faith?

What can you deduce from this account about this sick woman’s character/faith?

What’s the difference in Jarius’ approach and the woman’s?  Which are you more like? 

Why do you think Jesus makes the woman reveal herself? 

Do you think He did it for her sake or His sake?

Did you ever experience a problem/issue that you were to afraid to bring to God in prayer?

What do you think Jarius was feeling towards Jesus when someone came and told him his “dying daughter” was dead? 

How do you think Jarius was feeling towards the healed woman at that moment?  

Why do you think Jesus didn’t let anyone go in with Him into the house except Peter, John, and James (and the girl’s parents)?

What role (if any) do you think Jarius’ desperation played in the healing of his daughter?

What stands out to you about Jesus’ power in this whole account?

What do you think of Jesus’ order to the girl’s parents to NOT tell anyone what had happened?

Why does Jesus sometimes tell those He heals to say nothing about His miracles (Luke 8:56 & Luke 5:14), and then on other occasions, He orders them to tell everyone about what has happened?  (Luke 8:39)?

Why do you think our prayers for physical healings are sometimes NOT answered?

What area of your life do you most DESPERATELY need Christ to step in and heal? Write it down. Let’s spend a few moments praying about it tonight.