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Luke 1:1-4 | A Visit with Dr. Luke

Segun AiyegbusiComment

What do we know about Luke? (Check out: “Examining the Biblical character Luke: the beloved physician”)

Other than the gospel named after him, there are three other accounts in scripture where Luke’s name is mentioned, (Colossians 4:142 Timothy 4:11, Philemon 1:24), what information can we gather about the kind of man Luke was from those accounts?

Take a quick glance at any random chapter in Luke’s gospel. Who are some people Luke would have spoken to in Jesus’ day and what stories would they have recounted?

If someone offered to write a biography of your life, what season of life would you be most excited to have them write about, (and why?); and which one would you have them skip? (why?)

What convinced you the gospel is true and that Jesus is Lord over your life? Describe the events of the day that led up to the moment you gave your life to Jesus. 

Luke and Theophilus had a close relationship. One could make the case that Theophilus became a Christian as a result of Luke’s testimony. Who played a major role in the process of you becoming a Christian? Who has the biggest (spiritual)  influence on your today?

What unanswered questions about your faith, the gospel, God, etc, do you still have? How have you gone about seeking answers?

Is there someone in your life who might benefit greatly from a recounting of all Jesus has accomplished, (and is accomplishing) in your life? Write down the name of someone in your life you will share your, “God-story” with in 2014.

EXTRARESOURCE: "Examining the Biblical character Luke: the beloved physician"