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Luke 7:18-35 | Are you the One?

Segun AiyegbusiComment

If you’re married/engaged, when did you know that your spouse was, “the one”? If you’re single, what is the sign you look for as the decisive signal you have found the “right one”?

Backstory: What is John’s location in verse 18? How did he end up there? (Mark 6:14-29)

Someone read John 1:29-34. How do you think this experience impacted John? What did he now believe about Jesus?

In light of your response to the previous question, why is John’s question in Luke 7:19 troubling? 

What does John’s question in verse 19 tell you about his current state of mind/faith? Why is he feeling this way?

Have you ever had a time when a negative experience caused you to question your faith or God’s faithfulness? Explain.

Someone read Jesus’ response to John’s inquiry in verse 22-23. Why might this response NOT be exactly what John wants to hear?  What do you think John might have been hoping to hear back?

Verse 23 is directed to John and his disciples. What was Jesus implying that one verse? 

In verse 28, Jesus says this about John; “…among those born of women there is no one greater than John; yet the one who is least in the kingdom of God is greater than he.”  What in the world did Jesus mean by this?

What convincing factor solidified Jesus as “the one” in your life? If you have not yet trusted in Jesus Christ, what is the decisive sign you’re looking for?

Looking at the different styles of Jesus’ ministry and John’s ministry in verse 31-34, whose are you most like? In other words, what approach do you usually take in sharing your faith (fun loving and inviting, or serious and deep)? 

What are you most eager to see God do in your life this year? What are you willing to do to make it happen?