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Luke 7:1-10 | Faith like WHAT!

Segun AiyegbusiComment

The Jewish elders rarely (if ever) get along with Jesus, why do you think they approached Jesus with this request in verse 3-5?

The interaction between Jesus and the centurion should strike us as odd. Why?

On what basis did the elders of the Jews request Jesus’ help in verse 4-5? What does this tell you about the beliefs of the Jews at the time?

On what basis did the centurion approach Jesus with his request in verse 6-8? 

From this account, what can you surmise about this centurion and his beliefs?

Being completely honest and transparent; have you ever felt like God “owed” you for something you did in His name or for His name?

What does the understanding of authority by the centurion tell you about the authority of Jesus?

Verse 9 says Jesus was “amazed/marveled” at the centurion’s faith. This is quite impressive since no where else in the scriptures do we find Jesus this impressed. To the contrary, in a teaching tour through the town of Nazareth, Mark 6:6 reports that, “[Jesus] was amazed at their lack of faith.” Why was Jesus exceptionally impressed with the centurion’s faith?

What does Jesus’ response to the centurion tell you about what God is looking for in us?

What would it take for Jesus to be “amazed” at your faith? What area of your life do you need to demonstrate a greater practical faith?

Matthew 8:5-13 recounts this same account and ends the story with this statement, “Then Jesus said to the centurion, “Go! Let it be done just as you believed it would.” And his servant was healed at that moment.” This was a long distance healing/miracle based on the faith of a centurion on behalf of His servant. Is there someone presently in your life who needs you to believe God on their behalf for a miracle?