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Luke 6:27-36 | Luvin the Haters

Segun AiyegbusiComment

Who’s your favorite movie villain? Why?

If it were ever committed against you, what’s one sin you might have a really really hard time forgiving? Why?

It is sometimes hard identifying who our actual enemies are, so to help you think of how to apply this passage to your life, compile a quick list of people in your life you would describe as people who:

“Hate you”“Curse you”“Mistreat you” Have at some point “struck you”“Stolen from you” (tangible, emotional, personal)“Taken your stuff from you” (without permission and with no intention of returning it)

How would Jesus have you treat each one of these groups of people?

The Haters?The Cursers?The Mistreaters?The Strikers?The Stealers?The Takers?

Does Jesus really want you to suffer physical abuse in the hands of an abuser who keeps “striking” you on the cheek with their fists? Does Jesus really want you to allow thieves to have their way with your property? What do you think Jesus is really getting at in these verses?


How does loving “those who love you” and “doing good to those who do good to you” and “lending to those who will pay you back” not have as great an impact on those you’re trying to reach?

Why will doing the opposite of the above statements result in great reward according to verse 35? What is the reward? [Look up Matthew 5:3-12]

Why is God kind to the “ungrateful and the wicked” and what does that imply for you?

Can you think of a time (past) when you forgave someone for a great offense against you? Or showed love to an “enemy”? What did it cost you? What did you gain? Lose?

What relationships in your life do you need to apply this passage to this week? Write down at least one name and let’s pray for them (and you) now.