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Luke 4:1-13 | The Devil Would Like to Chat

Segun AiyegbusiComment

What are you most “hungry” for in this season of life?

Under what circumstances was Jesus tested? In a moment of weakness or during a spiritual high? What does this tell you about the times the devil is most prone to tempt you?

Verse 1 and 2 says the Holy Spirit led Jesus into the desert where he was tempted by the devil for 40 days. So does this mean God can sometimes tempt us to sin? How does James 1:13 make the case for or against this statement?

Why do you think Jesus launched into His full time ministry with a 40- day fast? What does the act of fasting accomplish in one’s life?

In tempting Jesus to turn stone to bread, what was the devil really trying to get Jesus to do? Would it have mattered if Jesus performed the miracle and took a small bite of bread?

Jesus responds by saying, “it is written: Man does not live on bread alone.” What did Jesus mean by this? What’s the correlation between this response and Deuteronomy 8:3?

In the second temptation, the devil offers Jesus the, “kingdoms of the world...their authority and splendor.” Was this a legit offer? Was it his to give? Explain.

In tempting Jesus to, “worship” him in exchange for the kingdoms of the world, what was the devil really after?

In the last temptation, the devil wants Jesus to commit pretend-suicide, (v.9-1). Its ridiculousness is obvious to us now, but what was the devil really trying to get Jesus to do?

Jesus clearly thinks so, but why is it wrong to test God?

What do Jesus’ responses all have in common? What does Jesus use as a defense against the temptation of Satan?

The devil failed to sway Jesus in His allegiance to the Father’s plan, and left for a more, “opportune” time. What other “opportune times” in the gospels do you see Satan returning to dissuade Jesus from His mission?

When is the most opportune time in your life when you’re most prone to give in to temptation? What are some safeguards you can place around your life?