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Luke 2:41-52 | Fifth Grade Jesus

Segun AiyegbusiComment

Can you think back to age 12? What’s the wackiest or craziest thing you did? Did you ever run away from home?

What the most precious thing you ever lost? (or) Have you ever lost someone or something and found it in an obvious place?

Verse 43 suggests that Jesus intentionally “stayed behind”. Why do you think He did this”?

How could Joseph and Mary have gone a whole day without noticing Jesus was missing? (v.43-44)

What are some thoughts and emotions going through Joseph and Mary’s minds and hearts as they searched for Him and made the journey back to Jerusalem?

How many days total was Jesus missing for? (v.45-46) What did Jesus do during the period He was missing? (v.46)

What can we learn from 12-year-old Jesus about seasons in our lives where we feel, “misplaced” or even, “lost?”

In what tone do you think verse 48 was expressed in?

What did Jesus mean when He referred to the temple as, “His Father’s house”?

Do you think Jesus was being rude in verse 49?

Jesus tells His parents that the temple should have been an obvious location to find Him. Why was it not as obvious to Joseph and Mary?

What experience in life made you feel like a grown up? Like you weren’t a kid anymore?

What does verse 51 imply about 12 year old Jesus?

In His ministry later on in the gospels, we see Jesus demonstrating His divinity through His omnipotence, (He knew things about people they’d never shared). Do you think Jesus understood His divinity and ultimate mission even at age 12?

What does it mean when verse 52 says, “Jesus grew in wisdom..... in favor with God and men”?