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Luke 2:1-20 | Baby Mama Christmas Drama

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Which character in the Christmas story best describes your current state of being?

  • Ceaser Augustus - “Bossy Pants”
  • Joseph - “Quiet Supporter”
  • Mary - “Burden Bearer”
  • Baby Jesus - “Vulnerable”
  • Shepherds - “Lowly but Hopeful”
  • Angel - “Good News Bearer”
  • Host of Angels - “Party Time/Joyful”
  • Wise Men - “Giving Spirit” (Matthew 2:11)

What do you find most impressive about Joseph and Mary?

In Luke 1:1-7, Joseph and Mary traveled some 70 miles through mountainous terrain, (while she was in her third trimester). When they arrive in Bethlehem, they couldn’t find a room to rent in the entire city. How would you explain God’s purpose in this situation?

Why do you suppose the savior of the world was born in an obscure village and laid in a manger? (a feeding trough for animals)

Of all the people the angels could have visited, why do you think God sent them to the lowly shepherds?

How many angels did the shepherds see at first? How many showed up later? Why do you think the shepherds were allowed to see the breathtaking scene?

Look at verse 10, what are the three distinct features of the ministry of Jesus Christ?

Think back to the day you trusted in Jesus Christ? What did you do later that day? Later that week? Who did you tell about what had happened?

Look at Galatians 4:4-5, what does it imply about the birth and arrival of Jesus Christ? What are some similarities between that passage and the titles given to Jesus by the angels in verse 11?

Verse 19 says Mary, “treasured” and “pondered” all that transpired in her heart. What workings of God in your life do you still hold near and dear? What God- stories do you often recall to remind you of God’s power/love/grace in your life?

EXTRARESOURCE: "Question: "Is Micah 5:2 a Messianic prophecy?"