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SONG OF SOLOMON 1:1-12 - Before the First Date

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Do you think physical attraction mattered to the girl in this account Should physical attraction matter in a relationship? Explain.

In verse 3, the girl says this about Solomon, “Pleasing is the fragrance of your perfumes; your name is like perfume poured out.” What does she mean?

Girls, describe some characteristics of a man with a “good name” or a good reputation and character?

Guys, describe some characteristics of a woman with a “good name” or a good reputation and character?

If your closest friends wanted to set you up on a date, what qualities would they use to describe you to the other person? 

What flaws in your character would they attempt to avoid mentioning to your date? 

In the latter statements in verse 3 and 4, what do her “girlfriends” think of her relationship with Solomon? What do they think of Solomon himself?

How much weight should you give to your closest friend’s opinion on whether to date a person or not? Would you date someone your most trusted friend(s) genuinely and without ulterior motive, do not approve of? 

In spite of the fact that Solomon was madly in love with her, this girl was still self-conscious about herself. What was her insecurity? (Verse 5-6)

How might Solomon’s feeling towards the girl (in spite of her insecurity) be of encouragement to you in moments when you feel insecure about your _______________ (fill in the blank).

What kind of relationship did this girl have with her family?

Why might it be important to observe how someone interacts with figures of authority in their lives before starting a serious relationship with them?

Should a girl ask a guy out? What are some pros and cons? 

How does this girl go about letting Solomon know she was interested? (Verse 7-8)

How long should a guy and girl be friends before they start dating? Get married?

What are some significant mile markers a girl and a guy need to have before they start dating? Get married?

We touched on this earlier, but what is ONE character flaw in your life that might cause a problem in your marriage in the future? What do you need to do today to become more Christlike in that area (in preparation for your future spouse)?