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SONG OF SOLOMON 1:13-3:5 - Sooo, things are getting kind of serious, huh?

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Dinner and a movie are cute, but you’ll spend half the date staring at a giant screen in silence. What are some great ideas for a first date that allows a couple to really interact and get to know one another? 

#ThrowBackTuesday: At what point should a relationship move from ‘casual’ dating to ‘exclusive’ dating?

What are some “non-negotiables” for you in dating?  

What’s your track record in making wise decisions? How should this affect your dating life?

What are some indicators that he/she is “THE ONE?”

What are some risks in “awakening love” before it fully pleases? (2:7; 3:5)

How soon in a dating relationship should you share some of your “darker” pasts? (“Catching the foxes”)

If a close friend sought out your advice about an online relationship they’d just begun, how would you counsel them?