SONG OF SOLOMON 3:6 - 4:16 - Your Wedding Night

What’s your favorite love story, love song, or romantic movie? Why? 

From all you’ve heard, read, and watched in media and print, what is the prevailing thought about sex in our culture today?

What is the Biblical view on sex?

Solomon spends 6 verses talking about their wedding day, and somewhere around 20 verses talking about the wedding night. What does this tell you about the different ways men and women view the wedding day?

Before Solomon ever touches her body, he speaks to her heart to make her feel safe. Guys, how do you make a woman feel safe and secure in a relationship?

The bride felt safe and secure in Solomon’s love. Ladies, what are some “foxes” that might keep you from experiencing intimacy in relationship?

How might viewing of pornography misconstrue your view of sex or ability to experience intimacy in marriage? 

How would you respond to a friend who says having sex before marriage is simply practice for the real thing on their wedding night? 

Guys, what’s one key lesson about sex you learned from Solomon from this account?

Ladies, what’s one key lesson about sex you learned from the woman in this account?