Segun Aiyegbusi - Reminding You That God The Father Still Loves You

Hi, my name is Segun Aiyegbusi, (pronounced, “Sheh-Goon" -" Ai-Yay-Boo-See”). My friends call me, “Shegz”. You may call me, Shegz.

While I would love to spend the bulk of this page telling you all about me, our time together would be best served telling you about this blog and what I believe it will do for you. [If you're really jonsing to know me first before trusting my content, check me out here]


The weekly content on this blog is created with YOU in mind. You’re a unique audience because of your MULTICULTURAL background. Your identity has more than likely been shaped by two or more ethnic cultures, sometimes with conflicting values. Like me, you’ve yearned to fit in, but felt stuck between those cultures.

What you don’t know, (and will discover as you follow along) is that it your Multicultural identity is actually your greatest strength.


Though you may publicly take pride in what’s culturally different about you, internally, you’re a little restless. You’re uncomfortable being yourself among friends of the same ethnicity, and you are uncomfortable being yourself among friends of the predominant ethnicity in the culture you live in. Deep down, you struggle with a sense of belonging and never quite feel like you belong to any one particular culture. Coursing through your mind is the ever-present question, “Where is my place in this world and what will my verse be?”


I have lived your journey. I was raised in two cultures, (Nigeria and America) and never quite fit into either. When I’m asked where “home” is, I find myself fumbling for words to explain myself. The truth is, “home” is everywhere, and nowhere.  Words like “Mobile-Childhood”, “Culturally-Misplaced”, “Globally-Restless” aptly describe my journey. Like you, I’m most comfortable in culturally diverse groups. If I were to ever collect all our stories into a book, it would be titled, “Dude, Where’s My Home?”

The triumph in my journey however, is that, living in such diverse cultures has led me, even forced me, to find my true identity in someONE greater, thereby finding my purpose in something greater. 

The ONE I speak of is, Jesus Christ. 


As a follower of Jesus Christ saved by God’s awesome grace, my superhero secret weapon is to provide you with weekly Biblical guidance and encouragement with the express purpose of channeling your Multicultural discomfort into strength.

You have a vital role to play in God’s ongoing global narrative, and I will show you how with each week’s Biblically encouraging blog post.

As we journey together, you’ll discover that the very thing you’ve been running away from is the very thing you should have been running towards. You’ll also find out that beneath your multicultural veil is a rich and wonderfully complex gift that God wants to use to bless those  He’s called you to do life with. 


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In the words of one of the most inspirational man who ever walked the face of this earth, “I just want to do God's will. And He's allowed me to go up to the mountain. And I've looked over. And I've seen the Promised Land….I want you to know…..that we, as a people, will get to the Promised Land.”

As we journey together up our metaphorical mountain, here is what I see: I see a beautiful and powerful multicultural group of people:

  • Who unapologetically invite other to grow and learn from their story   
  • Who have developed a richer, more wonderfully complex view of God
  • Who have learned to celebrate the richness of their multicultural heritage
  • And who have grown deeper in their love for and appreciation of each people group they encounter.

Welcome to the journey.

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