Your Holiest Burden = Your Calling

  • What injustice, or unmet need in the world bothers you most deeply?
  • What entrepreneurial ideas have been cooking in your head for the longest time?
  • What things have you witnessed and thought to yourself, “we must do something about that! (or) We need a much better version of that! (or), I think and know exactly how we can do that with a lot more success!

I CALL THESE “HOLY BURDENS!" It’s these holy burdens and passions that drove great men like Billy Graham & great women like Mother Teresa to launch evangelistic crusades from city to city and abandon their lives to serve the poor. It’s the same question that drove men like Steve Jobs & Mark Zuckerburg to change their educational course in order to build a better computer and software that gives users an incredible online experience.

Let me put it this way, God has planted in you a vision that is the solution to a great need somewhere in the world. Someone or some groups of people, somewhere in the world are being stirred right now, whose needs will be met by the ideas God is stirring deep in your soul.  

So then, the question becomes, how are you fanning into flame the ideas and holy burdens God is stirring in you? Even if there is no practical way to do anything about it right now, at the very least, begin to write something down on paper, or on an online journal. Since we’ve become a generation of external thinkers, get creative and start a blog, title it, “My thoughts and plans for the future” (or) “my secret plans to rule the world”

Then here’s the most important part of that process, commit your thoughts and plans to God every step of the way. When a really good idea floods your mind, write it down, and pray that God would make it, “STICKY. ” Ask God to clarify what it looks like and grant you opportunities to test it out. In the words of Proverbs 16:3, “Commit to the LORD whatever you do, and your plans will succeed.”

→ → TALKBACK: What are some "Holy Burdens" on your heart? What have you done, (are doing) about it?