NIGERIA: My People. My Nation. My Home.

/////  Adapted from Daniel’s Prayer on behalf of Israel in Daniel 9:2-19  //// DOWNLOAD A PDF DOCUMENT OF THE PRAYER FOR NIGERIA

I beheld the shame and suffering of my brothers and sisters and the state of moral corruption my people had fallen into, therefore I turned to the Lord God of heaven and pleaded with Him in prayer.

My Lord Jesus and my God, hear my prayers and confession on behalf of Nigeria. (LINK: "a disheartening report on the real state of affairs").

Jesus, you are my nation’s redeemer and king. You are the author of life and the creator of all things. Your love endures forever, and you have never, and will never forsake those who are called by your name. It’s to you O Lord that I confess my sins and my people’s sins today. 

We have sinned and done wrong before you. We have been wicked and have made a mockery of your Holy Name. We have invented a god of our own imagination; a god we can command at will and declaratively insist moves according to our timing and plans. We have done so pridefully and called it “faith prayer.” We have not listened to your Biblical instruction to humble ourselves before you and turn from our wicked ways.

Lord, you are righteous and we are unholy. Today, our nation is covered with shame. Every one of us, in the land, spread across the continents abroad, both near and far, all carry the stigma of our nation’s sin. Our sins follow us wherever we go. We, our leaders, and our ancestors, have been unfaithful to you. 

We have engaged in murder, both in the wicked act itself and in the way we have treated our neighbors. We have engaged in idolatry, both in the man-made images we have bowed to and in the pursuits we have placed ahead of your. The corruption we blame our leaders for has also been present in our interactions with one another. We have lied, cheated, and engaged in every form of sexual immorality. We have selfishly chased after our own individual glory and neglected to care for the needy among us. We have claimed to speak in your name and on your behalf, when in reality, it was our own vain ambition we were pursuing. 

O Lord, how great is our sin! Were we to write them all out, the earth itself could not contain it. From our oldest to our youngest, we have ALL sinned against you Lord. Were you to pour out your wrath on our land, we acknowledge that you would be justified and right in your judgment on us.

So Lord, today we humble ourselves before you. We bow our hearts and our heads in repentance before you O great king of kings. Forgive our sins and have mercy on us according to your unfailing love and according to your great compassion. Against you, first and foremost, have we sinned and done evil in your sight.  Cleanse us with the blood of the Lamb, your Son, Jesus Christ. Turn our hearts to Him in repentance, and cancel the great debt we owe you. Cover us with the righteousness of Christ that we may appear faultless and blameless before your throne.

Create in us a pure heart and make us a pure nation. Restore to us the joy of your salvation, and may a song of gladness rise from our land again. Grant us a humble and willing spirit to sustain us and keep us continually in tune with your Holy Spirit. 

O Lord God, look with favor on our land and replenish us. May our borders once again overflow in abundance and may our children dance freely in the streets. Give ear, our God, and hear. We do not make requests of you because we are righteous, but because YOU ARE merciful and loving. 

Lord, listen. Lord, hear and act. For your sake and for your glory, do not delay, for we eagerly desire to bear your name and be a witness of your goodness to the nations watching. Hear us O Lord, and heal our land. It’s in the name of our Lord, Savior, and King, Jesus Christ we pray.