The Tree, the Grass and the Bugs in Your Backyard are Crying

That tree in your backyard (and front yard), along with the bugs in it, has been weeping.

It groans every time it's rustled by the wind because it yearns deeply for more. You see, there's something intrinsic in all of creation that remembers what life was like before it was subjected to futility by the fall. Each day, creation calls back to mind the beauty, the joy, the singing, the freshness of life it once had. Each day, creation remembers its Creator.

This memory is so deeply embedded in it that it eagerly watches the sons and daughters of the creator, waiting for them to be set on their thrones by their king that they might rule over reordered creation, waiting for their redeemer to come establish His kingdom so that they (creation) might be set free. 

You don’t have to go very far to discover this. Step outside your house. Go for a walk in the woods. Drive down the street. Stand on a mountaintop and listen. You’ll hear them all together with one voice, crying out, “FREE US!”

So today, we pray, Come, Lord Jesus. Come.

Husband. Dad. Pastor. Nigerian American. Storyteller. Aspiring Prayer Warrior. Steak Lover. Follower of Jesus Christ reminding you that God the Father still loves you.