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Do Something Today. Tomorrow will Thank You

Segun Aiyegbusi2 Comments
Do Something Today. Tomorrow will Thank You

15 years ago in college, I made a decision that I was fairly certain future-me would look back on and say, “Thanks so much Bro! Way to look out for us!”

I chose to take a few classes that had nothing to do directly with my major at the time. While I had the freedom to sit in on any number of fun electives like Self Defense 201, Basic Swimming, or even Music Recording, I chose instead to take at least two semesters worth of classes on Web Design and Branding for Web & Media. My impetus was the question, “What might I do today that my future-self would thank me for?” At the time, I wasn’t certain about my post graduation plans/career, but I had a strong inkling that wherever I was headed, digital imagery would play a huge role in how I engaged people with my message.

Looking back, I’m so grateful for that decision younger-me made. If I could go back in time to visit any younger version of myself, 15-years-ago-me is the guy I would go see if only to give him a high-five and a huge Thank-You-bear-hug! My background in graphic design (a skill I’ve continually honed over the years) has opened up incredible doors of opportunity for me, and is in fact one of the primary skills that I use in my present line of work/calling.

So, what about you?

What is one thing you might begin doing today (or are already doing) that your future-self would thank you for?

Be careful not to answer this question simply by generating a busy to-do list of activities that you’d probably end up doing anyway sometime in the near future. Instead, think 5, 10, 15 years down the line. Where do you want to be? Where would you like to be? Then work backwards. What is one thing you can do today that will inch you closer to your end goal? What is one thing you can start doing today that 5, 10, 15 years-later-you would say, “Thanks Soooo much! Way to look out for us!”

Another word of caution here; avoid coming up with more than ONE thing you need to do for now. Any more than ONE and it’ll immediately start to feel like homework you have to do. ONE thing is easy to remember. ONE thing is doable. ONE thing is easy to envision.

Whatever it is you decide, write it down, then impose on yourself a deadline for when you need to start implementing your ONE thing. (Trust me, deadlines are your friend).

Your hard work and effort might not bear any immediate fruit, but that’s okay, it’s not intended to. You’re looking out for future-you! 

So, get going and do something today!  

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