When God Loves You in SLO-MO

When God Loves You in SLO-MO

I was working on next week's blog and trying to draft something theologically profound about God's love. 

But then, I got distracted and discovered my iPhone had a SLO-MO option. Just then, my littler-dude, Ethanwalked in waving his cheese-stick like a light saber.  

So, I was all like, "Forget this! We're shooting an epic-movie about God's love!" 

Hence this cinematic masterpiece BELOW! :) 

The plot goes like this: God not only loves you, but actually likes you. He likes you with such a Fatherly love that He has the warm fuzzies for you.  Though His unconditional love can sometimes feel undeserved, He is relentless in His loving pursuit of your heart. So much so that in a heart beat, he would hug you, give you some cheese-sticks, and play Whitney Houston's hit, 'I Will Always Love You' while shooting the whole scene in slo-mo!"

And that my friends, is how much God loves you!