Esther Pt.5 - When Divine Intervention Collides with Human Initiative

Esther Pt.5 - When Divine Intervention Collides with Human Initiative

Esther 5:1-14

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Verse 1 says that on the third day, Esther put on her, “royal robes” and approached the king for her big moment. What does the act of getting dressed in her official palace regalia tell you about her?


What’s the longest you ever had to wait on God for something huge you eventually received? How did God show up?


Proverbs 21:1 says, “The king’s heart [and your boss’ heart] is in the hand of the Lord. He directs it like a stream of water anywhere he pleases.” How does this affect the way you pray if you’re dealing with an unprincipled or unpredictable superior?


By standing in the, “inner courtyard of the palace” Esther broke protocol, an act that could have resulted in her execution by the guard standing only a few feet from the king. She was literally on death’s door, but found life, (verse 2). We can assume God’s hand was in this. What are some other reasons the king might have chosen to extend her the golden scepter?


Why didn’t Esther just come right out and ask the king for her request the first time around? Why the invite him and Haman to a second party first? (verse 4)

Was there ever a time when you sought God in prayer for wisdom on how to make a major decision? What insights did you receive?


What are some Biblical assurances that God will hear you and answer you when you ask?


Why do you think Esther invited Haman to both parties?


In spite of the fact that the king offered Esther up to half of his vast wealth, Esther delays her request a second time. What do you think her delaying tactic is all about? (verse 7-8) Theorize some reasons.


Mordecai didn’t stand to acknowledge Haman when he walked by, (verse 9). Mordecai should be terrified of this man. Why do you think Mordecai isn’t afraid?


When was the last time you should have been frightened beyond any outward composure, but God stilled you and kept you from overreacting?


Haman had everything in the world a man could want, but one, what was it? 


Have you ever been preoccupied with someone else to the point that it became emotionally unhealthy? How do you let go of unhealthy preoccupations?


What does Zeresh’s counsel to her husband in verse 14 tell you about the kind of woman/wife she was?


In this season of your life, do you think God would have you do more praying or more planning? (Avoid going with the safe answer of, “both”). Write out below your prayer or action plan for what you’re trusting God for. 

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