"ON THAT DAY" presents A GRIPPING & RELEVANT DRAMATIC PRESENTATION ABOUT THE JUDGMENT SEAT OF CHRIST - "ON THAT DAY"  Christians often talk about "that day" when Jesus will return. But what if that day happened TODAY? 

(Presentation starts at 03:24 minutes... It gets awesome at 05:50 minutes). 


Through the fictional account of one man’s story, “On that Day” paints a vivid and plausible picture of what it will be like when we all stand before the Judgment Seat of Christ. I (Segun) play the protagonist, a college student in his senior year who discovers that the way he’s conducted his daily life is about to determine how he’s going to experience eternity. Thinking he is beginning just another ordinary day, he encounters THAT DAY: the rapture of the church into the heavenlies. Escorted by his guardian angel into the heavenly realm, He observes the wonders of Heaven, talks with angels, and learns to see life from a totally new, divine perspective.

The first order of business is now the Judgment Seat of Jesus Christ. Millions of saints from every era and nation stand individually before Christ to be evaluated. While all possess eternal life and salvation in Christ, they receive different rewards and degrees of heavenly glory. When I appear before the Judgment Seat, the Lord gives me a truly accurate self-knowledge for the first time in my life. More than anything else, I long to hear the words "Well done, My good and faithful servant!" - But, has my life really earned that supreme reward?

The certainty of this day of reckoning has profound implications for the way believers should live here and now as well as an open invitation to those far from God. "On that Day" presents this eternal Biblical truth in a stimulating, interesting, and understandable way, and helps Christians focus on living in the light of THE DAY rather than merely for today. 

(This play has been adapted for dramatic presentation from a book by Tim Stevenson called “The Bema” (Purchase it here) It was performed at Grace Church on the Mount in on February 20 & 21 and March 6 & 7, 2010