Jay Z, Excellence, and Jesus


In a documentary I saw a while back, I heard Jay-Z explain the word, “excellence” in a way I hadn’t previously considered.

It amounted to this. When you excel in your particular field and do it consistently for 2-3 years, you’re, Hot! People want to know about you and will do anything to jump on your bandwagon. But, hot should never be your end goal. Instead, shoot for EXCELLENT!

Excellence, he defined as succeeding in your particular field year after year, producing greater levels of results on an ongoing basis, (no less than a decade).

It of course immediately to brought mind images of certain boy bands, athletes, even household products that were, hot for a season, but then faded into obscurity. It also brought to mind products like the Apple brand, legends like, Michael Jordan, U2, and of course, Jay-Z, who you would agree were not just hot for a season, but have been excellent in their respective fields.

So then, what sets apart "Excellence" from "Hot"?

Two words, HARD WORK!

It’s been said that nothing worth having ever comes easy. Those men, women, and organizations that have achieved, “excellence” would agree.

Don’t start out trying to make a name or fame for yourself. Rather, find your unique gifting and talent. Fine-tune it. Perfect it. Polish and sharpen it till it becomes a natural extension of your very self. In other words, WORK HARD AT IT.

Then share it with the world. Find some true believers (in whatever you’re offering) and teach them how you did it. Convert the rest of the unbelievers with persistence. Do it daily. When you eventually reach the top, shatter the ceiling, express the same thing in a new way, and keep working hard, (take vacations and play a lot in the midst of it all).

Most importantly, (and you can’t afford to skip this step) always put your love for Jesus above your pursuit. Allow Him to empower and guide you every step of the way. “In all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make straight your paths” (Proverbs 3:6)

And that’s how you become, “EXCELLENT.” 

→ → TALKBACK: Would you describe yourself as "hot" or "excellent" in this season of life? What will it look like when you hit "excellence"?