You Know You Went to Loyola College in the '90s if you...

Strangest thing happened this morning.

While getting ready for work, my mind was suddenly flooded with images andmemories from my years in boarding school. For some weird reason, life in the early 90’s in Loyola College, Ibadan, Nigeria began playing like a movie reel in my minds eye.

I don’t recall dreaming about it, (which would have explained the sudden influx of memories), but it was just there! From my first day on campus when it quickly dawned on me that Loyola College Ibadan, was VERY VERY VERY DIFFERENTfrom Loyola College Maryland; to the long days of waiting for my parents to visit with some extra provisions – this morning was all LOYO!

So it got me thinking, and as a result I came up with a TOP 10 LIST of quirks that distinctly makes one an official 90’s Loyolan! So here you go!


  1. Going to see, “MUMMY KITCHEN” meant you were seeking a financial loan or at least an extra plate of Yam and stew.
  2. The word, “Estate” is now and forever associated with poop.
  3. The name, “SENIOR MENOR” gives you nightmares, (and you occasionally pray you never run into him in public!)
  4. You woke up super-early on Sunday mornings, not for chapel, but for the best breakfast of the week! (Bread and eggs).
  5. In the last few weeks of the school year, SUGAR became a precious commodity you could trade for favors.
  6. You, at some point, were convinced, “BASE” was a 4-Star restaurant. (Also, you know exactly what to do when handed a loaf of bread and some, “Akara”)
  7. Your heart rate picked up anytime you heard, “J.S.S 1 to 3, assemble in room 7 before the count of 10, ONE!!!!…..”
  8. There’s the strong possibility you know, (or once met) a ghost named. “Iya”
  9. You can sing the words, “LOYOLA, LOYOLA, THE BEST IN EVERY WAY…” like it was an R&B song!
  10. Anytime you see a green-checkered shirt, you smile a little, because despite feeling like you lived through 6 long years of hell, YOU ARE FRIGGIN PROUD TO HAVE BEEN A BOARDING STUDENT IN LOYOLA IN THE 90’s!

And there you go! 

→ → TALKBACK: If you attended boarding school, (anywhere in the world), what were/are some of your craziest experiences? 

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