Get Busy Doing Something

Been productive lately?

Jesus says in Mark 4:20, “…like seed sown on good soil, (some people) hear the word (read or preached), accept it, and produce a crop—some thirty, some sixty, some a hundred times what was sown.”

Has the knowledge of God’s word resulted in greater ministry opportunities in your life? Are you more mature in your faith today than you were a year ago? More importantly, are you being productive with the Biblical knowledge you’re acquiring, along with the gifts, talents & abilities that have been deposited in your life?

The scriptures weren’t given so we would know more stuff or win more debates. It was given so it might produce LIFE in us. Jesus expounds on this idea in verse 21-22 when He explains that light, (that’s you!) is designed to SHINE bright. It’s kinda pointless to light a lamp and hide it under a table.

So what are you doing with all the great Biblical insights you now have? The more faithful you are with the little that has been entrusted to you, the more you position yourself to receive BETTER from God. Should you however choose to do NOTHING with what you have, Jesus says even the little you have will be taken away.

So, don’t screw up a good thing. Be awesome and do something with what you have!

→ → TALKBACK: What are some of your spiritual gifts or/and hidden natural talents? How can you make the most of them this week? Who might benefit from your use of it?