Esther 9 & 10 - The Fight of Her Life and the Party of a Lifetime

Esther 9 & 10 - The Fight of Her Life and the Party of a Lifetime

Esther 9-10

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How has Esther different now from the girl we met in chapter one?


Have you ever experienced God’s power and presence in the midst of a difficult season where you could tell God was “fighting for you”? Describe the experience.


How were the "tables turned" on the enemies of the Jews?


Why did Esther request an additional day in verse 13 to carry out the king's edict?


Was it fair for the Jews to have killed the 10 sons of Haman (verse 6-10), after all, Haman was the main culprit, and he was already executed? How might sparing their lives have cost them (the Jews) later?


In the blog post, I make a case that the Jews were “ready to go” when their opportunity presented itself, what about you? If the things you’ve been trusting God for were to suddenly show up on your front steps (so to speak), how ready are you to actually get moving on it?


Is it ever okay for Christians to use violence? How would you reconcile your answer with Jesus’ words to “love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you” (Matthew 5:44)


How did the Jews celebrate/commemorate their great deliverance?


What is your typical first-response when a major prayer gets answered in your life? Do you have a ritual or ceremony you go through?


Considering that Purim is a day of celebration, a day for giving gifts to one another and to the poor, how might you celebrate with others in your life something profound that God has done for you?


What event or section in this book/study was most meaningful to you?


In response to reading through Esther/this blog post/discussion questions, what would God have you start doing differently, or more consistently? 

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