Esther Pt.8 - When God Puts The Ball in Your Court

Esther Pt.8 - When God Puts The Ball in Your Court

Esther 8:1-17

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Why do you think the king so quickly and so readily embrace and promote Mordecai (verse 1-2, & 15) to a position of prominence?


What might God be calling you to act on, of which you’re still waiting for Him to make a first move?


Keeping in mind Esther’s reservations in Esther 4:11, do you think Esther approaching the king in Esther 8:3 was more or less risky this second time around?


In verse 5- 6, Esther’s plea sounds repetitive, what do you suspect she’s trying to accomplish?


Has there been a time when you settled for something “good” when the possibility of something “great” might have been a reality if you pushed a little harder?


What area of your life might you presently be settling for "good" in place of "great"?


What’s your general reaction when a door of opportunity gets slammed in your face? (Go home and sleep? Cry for someone to open it? Find another door of another opportunity?)


How did Mordecai leave the presence of the king as couriers departed Susa, and what does that indicate about how the new edict would be received?


What area of your life might you need to put a little more “fight” in to posses God’s promises?


How has God recently blessed you, and how might you leverage it to be a blessing to others?


If God has brought you to a place where you have some significant influence, how might you be a voice for people unspoken for this week?

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