Esther Pt.1 - Straight Outta Persia

Esther Pt.1 - Straight Outta Persia

ESTHER 1:1-22

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QUESTION 1: Who do you have the most respect for? How did they gain your respect?

QUESTION 2: What do you find most shocking (or impressive) about Xerxes’ party?

QUESTION 3: The excessive consumption of alcohol at this party leads to poor decision-making. What are your views on alcohol consumption among Christians? Explore these passages to form a Biblical opinion on the issue:

QUESTION 4: Was Xerxes within his rights to demand that his wife come out to him in a manner she may have considered beneath her position as queen? Why? (Feel free to argue that he was a chauvinistic pig).

QUESTION 5:  What was his true motive in making this request?

QUESTION 6: Vashti is clearly an impressive woman. In real life scenarios, are you more like her or do you tend to compromise your values when the pressure/temptation is great? Can you think of a time when you’ve been in her shoes?

QUESTION 7: Write out a prayer stating what kind of conviction you want God to develop in you? (More courage? Passion? Mental strength? Compassion? Etc.)

QUESTION 8:  Why was queen Vashti’s refusal to come out such a threat to the counsel of “wise men” (and to all the men in the kingdom)?

QUESTION 9: Who do you usually turn to for counsel? Do they have a track record of giving godly wise advice or have you had to dig yourself out of a few holes from following their counsel? (It’s helpful to evaluate these things).

QUESTION 10:  Based on Esther 1:16-22, what are your thoughts on the state of marital affairs in the Persian kingdom?

QUESTION 11: Vashti’s dethroning would result in an open door for Esther to become queen. Has there been a time in your life when God caused something awful to work together for your good and His glory? 

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