Esther Pt.2 - Persia' Next Top Model

Esther Pt.2 - Persia' Next Top Model

Esther 2:1-23

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Summarize the plans proposed to find a new queen for king Xerxes.


What can you learn about Mordecai and Esther based on Esther 2:5-7, 11, 20?


Do you think Esther was a willing participant in the beauty contest? Why? Why not? (What does the passive tense in verse 8, “Esther also was taken to the king’s palace ” indicate?)


Why do you think Mordecai forbade Esther from revealing her Jewish family background and nationality? (Verse 10 and 20).


Is it ever okay for Christians to withhold truth? Under what circumstances do you think this is permissible, if ever?


How do you think Esther managed to “please and win” Hegai’s favor in v.9, the palace staff’s friendliness in verse 15b, and Xerxes favor in verse 17?


What can these passages teach you about developing people skills in your life? – Proverbs 16:21,23 & Proverbs 29:11.


How do you think your attitude might change if you were involved in a yearlong project where the sole purpose was to make you look pretty?


What must a woman posses to win the favor of other women? What must a guy posses to win the favor of other men?


Even though God has not been directly mentioned in the book thus far, where do you see His hand moving in the story?


What character traits should you develop now that may serve you well later in life? Conversely, what character flaws are present in your life today that may prove problematic later in your future? Write out a prayer surrendering your struggles to God.


How do you treat the authority figures in your life you disagree with? How might Romans 13:1-5 shape your response? How can you honor the authority figures in your life this week?

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