Esther Pt.3 - When All Hell Breaks Loose

Esther Pt.3 - When All Hell Breaks Loose

ESTHER 3:1-15


What do you think Mordecai might have been feeling when, in place of a reward, his good deed (Esther 2:22) was simply, “recorded in the book of annals in the presence of the king”?


Mordecai’s the one who saved the king’s life, but Haman was rewarded instead. Someone else was rewarded with what (arguably) should have been his (Mordecai’s) reward. Have you ever had a situation where someone else was rewarded for YOUR good deed? How did you respond then? How would you respond if it happened again?


The events between chapter 2 and 3 more than likely have several years of interlude between them, so Haman’s reward may not be directly connected to the overlooking of Mordecai’s good deed. So what do you suppose was Mordecai’s real motive in refusing to bow to Haman?


Were you a friend of Mordecai, would you have advised him to stick with his convictions or would you have counseled him to bow and not stir up the pot?


What are some non-negotiable values in your life? Convictions you will NOT yield on?


Mordecai’s reaction to Haman’s defiance would fall in the meme category of, “Things that escalated a little too quickly.” What do you think is really eating away at Haman?


Is there someone currently holding a grudge against you? Are you currently holding/nursing a grudge against someone? What’s the downside to holding a grudge?


What’s the Biblical approach to dealing with a grudge? (Matthew 5:23-24). What insight does Ephesians 4:26-27 give concerning anger?


The chapter ends with everyone in the capital city of Susa feeling bewildered. When you receive bad/shocking news, what’s generally your first response? How might these verses encourage you in it?

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